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Kevin J McManusProducing Photo Graphic Designs has been my dream all of my life. I am Kevin J McManus, owner of McManus Photo. Over the years I have developed a style that combines artistic interpretation with a passion for creating lasting images. My passion to capture and create images reflects my studies of the fine arts.

My career began at the University of Florida with a Graphic Design major. Additional studies included photography and art history through the University of Georgia study abroad program in Italy. I also earned a degree in Professional Photography from the Southeastern Center For The Arts in Atlanta.

The craze of digital media has turned everyone into a photographer. The true marksmanship of a professional is the ability to use balanced lighting, color and visual allure to capture the moment. My passion is primarily commercial photography, architectural photography, graphic design, and web design. By combining computer graphic skills with digital photography, I am able to create images that are multidimensional. The images almost have a three-dimensional quality with the right combination of Photoshop adjustments.

Times, and the tools of the trade, have certainly changed; but the fun of being able to clearly “see” the shot before the shutter clicks is still a thrill. Today the art of photography starts with capturing digital images but the real magic happens with the post production in the digital darkroom. After molding the images with Photoshop CC 2014, they really start to come to life.

My commitment has always been to provide more value for clients than they could obtain either on their own or with other photographers. It is the small details that most people overlook. With new HD technology, I’m able to give more depth and clarity to their images. Suddenly the interior lighting and the exterior view are balanced – just as you experience them in real life.

With 26 years of experience I started as a leading photographer in Atlanta, Georgia. My work has been featured on the cover of Enclave and in many other publications for real estate and architectural work. In 2009 I moved to Anacortes, Washington and then in 2012 moved to Mount Vernon, Washington. I am pleased to provide the highest quality images to the Skagit County Real Estate Agent, Architects and Interior Designers. Thank you for your support!

If you know someone that needs help with a Photo Graphic project, give me a call.
(360-770-2625) I would love to help. You can also visit my Google+ pages – Kevin J McManus and +Mcmanusphoto.

Kevin J McManus

Professional Photographer / WebMaster

Owner of McManus Photo