HDR Photography

High Dynamic Range – HDR Photography

McManus Photo - HDR PhotographyHDR photography is a technique that allows a greater range of highlights and shadows to be rendered within a single image than normal digital imaging will allow. The basic idea to create a HDR image with your digital camera is to take several shots of the same scene, each with different exposures. This can be done by manually changing the speed/aperture, or, better in most digital cameras simply using Exposure Compensation (EV) settings. Using Photoshop CS5 all of the images can be layered into one file called a tonemapped image.


Tone Mapping

mcmanusphoto_167_HDROne problem with HDR has always been in viewing the images. CRTs, LCDs, prints, and other methods of displaying images only have a limited dynamic range. Thus various methods of converting HDR images into a viewable format have been developed, generally called tone mapping. Early methods of tone mapping were simple. They simply showed a window of the entire dynamic range, clipping to set minimum and maximum values. However, more recent methods have attempted to show more of the dynamic range. The more complex methods tap into research on how the human eye and visual cortex perceive a scene, trying to show the whole dynamic range while retaining realistic colour and contrast.


High Dynamic Range Imaging – HDRI

mcmanus photo, kevin j mcmanus, architectural photography, real estate photography in mount vernon wa, hdr photos, high dynamic range photography, hdr photography,In computer graphics and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposures (i.e. a large difference between light and dark areas) than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention of HDRI is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to the deepest shadows. The workflow from a raw camera file to a piece of art is really an artform in itself. Starting in Camera Raw to using Smart Objects in layer adjustment PSD files the level of control is much greater with a file that has six times more information than a average raw file.