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High Dynamic Range Photography

High Dynamic Range Photography - McManus PhotoHigh Dynamic Range Photography

High Dynamic Range Photography - HDR Photography is the industry standard for architectural photography. HDR photography is a technique that allows a greater range of highlights and shadows to be rendered within a single image than normal digital imaging will allow. With combining six or more lager images together you will end up with a big ball of fun to play with in the post production process in the digital darkroom. With a 36 megapixel medium format digital camera the file sizes are extremely large!

Professional HDR Photo Service

professional hdr photo service, mcmanuspho - high dynamic range photography

Professional HDR Photo Service Includes

  • 24 Hour Turnaround for Processing and Delivery.
  • Professional equipment using the Nikon D800 36 meg – meduim format FX camera.
  • AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lens is cutting edge technology.
  • All images are delivered with copyrights agreed for the client and are not transferable.

Creative Focus to Details

creative focus to details, mcmanus photo, hdr - high dynamic range photography

Kevin McManus – Creative Focus to Details

HDR photography allows greater creative focus to details in the highest resolutions. With extra large files to play with Kevin McManus is able to dig into the details of the images to bring it to life. A strong foundation in Graphic Design allows Kevin McManus to see the image and take a mental photograph first. His Professional Photography skills then take over and allow him to capture the image in a medium digital format. The fun starts in the digital darkroom when all the images transform into works of art.

McManus Photo

Professional HDR Photography Service
for Architects, Interior Designers
and Real Estate Agents.

McManus Photo incorporates High Dynamic Range – HDR Photography technique to achieve the industry standard for architectural photography. It allows for a greater rendering of interior spaces that just cannot be matched by standard shooting practices. The depth of detail that can be processed into one image is truly magical. Once you see the difference there is no question that High Dynamic Range Photography is the superior technique. The level of creativity Kevin McManus can now experience after the images are shot and downloaded into the digital darkroom has no boundaries. The more one practices this technique the higher level of artistry the photographer is able to provide to the clients. Please enjoy viewing my work, it is my passion in life.